Pool Pump Rebates for Southern Nevada

How to Get Your Rebate

1. Grab Your NV Energy bill

2. Go to one of our Participating partners.

3. Purchase the pool pump and get an instant $250 rebate

Special $250 Rebate

Available for a limited time


If you are one of the many swimming pool owners in southern Nevada you know it's important to keep your pool clean, clear, and healthy. But did you know your pool may be the first or second largest consumer of electricity in your home?

To help you save energy-- while lowering your monthly energy bills-- NV Energy is offering an instant point-of-sale rebate of $250 on qualifying variable speed pool pumps for a limited time.

Energy efficient variable speed pool pumps can easily replace single or dual speed pumps resulting in:

  • Savings between 30% to 80% of monthly pool energy costs.
  • Reduction of operating noise. These pumps run cooler and quieter.
  • Improving water quality. At slower speeds filters are more effective.
  • Totally automatic (hands-free) operation.

The rebate program is available through numerous swimming pool retailers, builders and independent pool professionals in Southern Nevada. To get started, visit any of the participating program partners for an estimate on savings and the operational benefits a variable speed pump can add to your year-round pool experience.

Only NV Energy residential customers can participate in the program. To verify your qualification, take your NV Energy bill to any of our program partners and receive the $250 instant rebate on the purchase of an energy efficient Variable Speed pool pump. The pool professional will install the pump and provide a custom calibration to best suit the need of your pool, its auxiliary equipment (solar heat or in-floor cleaners), and your unique bather load. Once the pump is calibrated, you will start saving on energy costs each month for the life of the pool pump. 

Program Guidelines

  • You must be a NV Energy residential customer in our southern territory.
  • The new variable speed pump must be installed on a single family residence in an in-ground pool.
  • Pump must be a qualifying new unit (rebuilt motors do not apply).
  • One pump per household (unless approved by a program field coordinator).
  • All rebates are subject to availability of funds, so act now.
  • Water features, slides, stand-alone spas, and booster pumps do not qualify.
  • Rebates are only available through approved program partners.

Participating Pool Partners:

Company Name Address Phone Number Email Address
NPS Pool and Spa Supply Click for Locations 702-873-4545 customercare@npspool.com
Leslie's PoolMart, Inc Click for Locations 702-878-0956 ralexander@lesl.com
Laguna Pool and Spa 7780 S Duneville #1, Las Vegas 702-656-3608 info@lagunapoolandspa.com
Pride Pools Service & Repairs 2375 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas 702-340-3800 jcpridelv@aol.com
Green Valley Pools 157 N. Gibson #100, Henderson 702-898-0066 debbie@greenvalleypools.net
Vintage Pools  6284 South Rainbow Blvd #105, Las Vegas 702-433-2700 Gary@vintagepoolsLV.com
Guaranteed Pool Service 6038 Topaz St, Suite 6, Las Vegas 702-458-5703 info@guaranteed-pool.com
Admiral Pool Soluions 8610 Westwind Rd., Las Vegas 702-636-7665 danielle@admiralpoolsolutions.com
Thompson Pool Service 4616 W Sahara #115, Las Vegas 702-367-1269 jonathanthomps19@hotmail.com
Summerlin Professional Pool Service 9120 Spirit Canyon Ave, Las Vegas 702-326-0719 spps@cox.net
Emerald Pools 700 Kenny Way, Las Vegas  702-219-3744 emeraldpoolslv@aol.com
Oasis Pool Maintenace 4 Bergholt Crest Ave, Henderson 702-452-1438 c.mayfield@cox.net
Pool Boys 2657 Eindmill Pkwy #364, Henderson 702-263-3269 poolboys@cox.net
Sienna Splash Technologies 3642 N Roncho Blvd Suite 101, Las Vegas 702-217-6381 2swild98@gmail.com
Kenian 2657 Windmill Pkwy #256, Henderson 702-373-0705 kenianinc2@cox.net
Calavan Pool & Spa Service 5841 E. Charleston Blvd. #401, Las Vegas 702-566-3054 service@calavans.com
PoolTechs 1184 Wigwam Phwy, Ste 100, Henderson 702-566-7665 accounting@pooltechslv.net
Clark County Pool and Lawn 4710 Wynn Rd, Las Vegas 702-362-8295 aaron@clarkcountypoolandlawn.com
Pro Pool Management, LLC 9303 Gilcrease Ave #1126, Las Vegas 702-463-1778 rvgalasso@hotmail.com
Artistic Pools & Spa 9061 W Sahara Ave. Suite 102, Las Vegas 702-870-6760 artisticpool@cox.net
DBR Enterprises 6820 West Gary Ave, Las Vegas 702-269-8585 dbrenterprise@aol.com
Nationwide Pool Design 4333 Butler St, Las Vegas 702-385-6060 jrwinn@cox.net
Tec Services 1591 Cattle Ranch Place, Henderson 702-558-8608 admin@tec-servicesinc.com
Acquabella Pools 2679 Palisians Court, Henderson 702-496-9900 jthaxton@acquabellapools.com
Island Springs 8275 S, Eastern Ave. Ste. 200-236, Las Vegas 702-732-8453 office@islandspringslv.com
Pool Serv, LLC 7944 Arden Point St, Las Vegas 702-408-4006 info@poolservlv.com
Watters Aquatech Pools and Spas 5024 W Post Road, Las Vegas 702-876-2217 carrie@wattersaquatech.com
Bee Green Energy, LLC 4325 W Patrick Ln Ste 145, Las Vegas 702-982-2240 stephanie@beegreenenergyllc.com
Butter Plumping  2480 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas 702-655-5214 sbutter@butterplumbing.com
AA Everclear Pools. Inc 8440 Frazier Park Ct., Las Vegas 702-649-6000 eric@everclearLV.com
Oracle Swimming Pools. Inc 2980 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas 702-806-8376 John@oracleswimmingpools.com
Allure Pools and Spas 4760 S Pecos, Las Vegas 702-433-1066 apoolady@aol.com
Desert Palm Pool Service, LLC 10120 W Flamingo Rd Suite 4-133 702-436-7946 desertpalmpoolservice@gmail.com
Sun Devil Pools of Nevada 7548 West Rosada Way, Las Vegas 702-658-1154 sundevilpools@cox.net
Alchemist Pool Service 32396 Meale Ave #213, Las Vegas 702-247-9522 vegaspools@yahoo.com
Southern Shore Pool Company, Inc PO Box 530155, Henderson 702-263-1188 Shores1188@aol.com
Summerlin Energy Las Vegas, LLC 3399 W Oquendo Rd, Las Vegas 702-560-6613 admin@summerlinenergy.net


Leslie's PoolMart Locations
Name Address Phone
Las Vegas 5225 W Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas 702-878.0956
Pecos / Las Vegas 3410 E Desert Inn Rd. Las Vegas 702-458.1902
Green Valley 3740 E Sunset Rd. Las Vegas 702-433.5001
Spring Valley 6831 W Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas 702-876-9926
NW Las Vegas 3250 N Tenaya Wy. Las Vegas 702-656.4722
Henderson 55 S Valle Verde. Dr. Henderson 702-837.0700
Sunrise Manor 354 N Nellis Blvd. Las Vegas 702-437.6778
N. Las Vegas 1631 W Craig Rd. North Las Vegas 702-642.4298
Henderson #2 256 E Lake Mead Pkwy. Henderson 702-566.2334
North Summerlin 9691 Trailwood Dr .Las Vegas 702-228.0392
South Summerlin 9310 W Sahara Ave. Las Vegas 702-562.3007
Centennial Hills 6525 N Buffalo Dr. Las Vegas 702-839.5300
South Las Vegas 9850 S Maryland Pkwy .Las Vegas 702-897.4614
West Las Vegas 5270 S Fort Apache Rd .Las Vegas 702-220.9067
Southern Highlands 10540 Southern Highlands Pkwy. Las Vegas 702-896.3688
Aliante 6945 Aliante Pkwy. North Las Vegas 702-293.7692
Anthem 2860 Bicentennial Pkwy. Henderson 702-263.3649
Commercial Service Center 6658 Boulder Hwy. Las Vegas 702-547.4463
Commercial Service Center 2550 Windmill Ln. Henderson 702-565.1499

Nationwide Pool Service Locations
Name Address Phone
Flamingo 6820 Flamingo Rd. #C 702-222.4545
East 6740 S.Boulder Hwy. Las Vegas 702-873.4545
Green Valley 8140 S. Eastern Ave. Las Vegas 702-214.4545
West 9120 W. Sahara Avenue. Las Vegas 702-319-7676
South 7470 S. Deam Martin Dr. Las Vegas 702-243.7470
Northwest 6275 Centennial Center Blvd. Las Vegas 702-839.3300

If you are a retailer or pool professional and want to offer rebates to NV Energy customers for qualifying variable speed pool pumps, download and complete the participating partners application. Once completed, call the toll free number (1-866-368-1451) to have a program representative meet with you. 

If you're already a partner you can download a copy of the rebate form here.

Approved Variable Speed Pumps


Manufacturer Brand Description Model Number Horsepower

All the pumps below are also Energy Star certified.

Aquapro SunRunner SunVS4 59926 1.5
Astral Pool Astral Astral Variable Speed Pump Astral P280 1.5
Astral Pool Astral Astral Variable Speed Pump Astral P580 2.5
Astral Pool Astral Astral Variable Speed Pump Viron P300  1.5
Astral Pool Astral Astral Variable Speed Pump Viron P600  2.5
Hayward Pool Products EcoStar EcoStar Variable Speed Pump SP3400VSP 2
Hayward Pool Products EcoStar EcoStar SVRS Variable Speed Pump SP3400VSPVR 2
Hayward Pool Products Max-Flo VS Max-Flo Variable Speed Pump SP2300VSP 1.5
Hayward Pool Products Super Pump VS Super Pump Variable Speed Pump SP2600VSP 1.5
Hayward Pool Products TriStarVSP TriStar Variable Speed Pump SP3200VSP 1.5
Jandy Pool Products Inc. e-Pump e-Pump JEP 1.5 1.5
Jandy Pool Products Inc. e-Pump e-Pump JEP 2.0 2
Jandy Pool Products Inc. Zodiac/Jandy VS FloPro VS-FHP2.0 2
Pentair Aquatics Pentair IntelliFlo i1  11008 1
Pentair Aquatics Pentair SuperFloVS 342000 1.5
Pentair Aquatics Pentair IntelliFlo i2 11009 2
Pentair Aquatics Pentair IntelliFlo VF 11012 3
Pentair Aquatics Pentair IntelliFlo VS 11018 3
Pentair Aquatics Pentair IntelliFlo VS+SVRS 11017 3
Pentair Aquatics Pentair IntelliFlo VS-3050 11013 3
Pentair Aquatics Pentair IntelliFlo XF VS 22005 3
Pentair Aquatics Pentair IntelliPro XF VS 23005 3
Pentair Aquatics Sta-Rite IntelliPro VS+SVRS P6E6XS4H-209L 3
Pentair Aquatics Sta-Rite IntelliPro VS-3050 P6E6Y4H-209L 3
Pentair Aquatics Sta-Rite IntelliPro VS P6E6Z4H-209L 3
Raypak Raypak PS165VSP PS165VSP 1.5
Raypak Raypak PS270VSP PS270VSP 2.5
Speck Pool Products Badu EcoMV 2.5 EcoMV/72-V 2.4
Speck Pool Products Badu EcoMV 3.5 EcoMV/72-VI  3.45
Waterway Plastics Inc. Econo-Flo ECONO-VS ECONO-VS 3
Waterway Plastics Inc. Econo-Flo ECONO-VSA ECONO-VSA 2.7
Waterway Plastics Inc. Econo-Flo ECONO-FLO VSA-165 ECONO FLO VSA-165 1.5


Contact Us:

NV Energy is here to help our customers find ways to conserve energy. For more information about rebates for energy-efficient pool pumps, please call 1-866-368-1451.


  1. How can I save money by upgrading my pool pump?

First, today's electric motor technology automatically provides 20%-30% saving in electricity over older technology. If your current pool pump does not contain such technology, you will  experience immediate "out-of-the-box" savings.
Secondly, today's pool pump technology pumps have multiple speeds that can easily be dialed in to "right size" the pump to your specific pool requirements. The option of reducing pump speed allows for tailored filtration flow rates which are lower and longer and can save up to 80% on energy costs for filtering your pool over conventional pool pumps. 

  1. Why do lower RPMs or the slowing of the circulation speed of the pool water save energy?

When using the low speed mode of a variable-speed pool pump, the water moves slower--reducing the friction in the pool plumbing. This reduced friction decreases the system back pressure, resulting in more efficient pump function.  Once the flow rate is established by the pump it uses less energy to maintain the required water movement.    

  1. How do I select the best pump that meets the needs of my pool?

Every pool is different in shape, size, surrounding environments and auxiliary equipment such as solar heaters or in-floor cleaners. A variable speed pump allows for adjustments to accommodate the necessary flow rate to satisfy any individual pool's unique qualities.  Variable speed pumps allow the programming of both flow rates, via pump RPMs, and time/duration of operation at each set flow rate to establish carefree and energy efficient year around pool water quality. Selecting a variable speed pump is a wise option with the ability to be programmed specifically for every pool.

  1. Who is eligible to receive the rebate?

NV Energy residential customers in our southern service territory are eligible for the rebate. Pool pumps must be installed on single family residential in-ground swimming pools.  Each household is limited to a single rebate unless specifically authorized by a program coordinator.

  1. Are commercial customers eligible for the rebate?

No, all commercial customers rebates are handled through NV Energy's Sure Bet Program.

  1. What are the rebate amounts?

Each rebate provides a $250 instant "point of sale" payment (available for a limited time only) to the program partners when you purchase a qualifying variable speed pump

  1. Do I have to mail in a rebate application to receive my rebate?

No, all rebates are obtained through the instant point-of-sale discount on the purchase of the variable speed pump.

  1. Who are the program partners and participating retailers?

The program is open to approved retailers and pool professionals located in NV Energy's service territory. You can find a listing of Program Partners here

  1. How do I identify a qualifying pool pump at a participating retailer's location?

 Simply inquire with the sales staff at the retailer's store or view the qualified variable speed pumps listing here.  

  1. Is there a limit on the number of rebates I can receive?

Yes, one rebate per household.  If more than one variable speed pump is required, call the help line (1-866-368-1451) and inquire on how to obtain program approval for additional variable speed pumps. 

  1. How long will the promotional rebate last?

The program will continue through December 31, 2013 or until program funds are gone. 

  1. What is needed at time of purchase?

To verify you are a NV Energy customer you will need a copy of your NV Energy monthly bill.  You will be asked to sign the rebate form presented by the retailer or pool professional at the time of sale.  You should then verify  that you receive (and the receipt clearly shows) the $250 discount on the variable speed pumps. 

  1. What is needed after the purchase and installation of my new energy efficient variable speed pumps?

Your variable speed pump will be installed and calibrated by a program trained technician to tailor the pump to your specific pool needs.  Once installation and the calibration are complete, you and the technician will sign a confirmation that the calibration was performed.

  1. Are self-installations eligible for the rebate?

No, all qualified variable speed pumps must be installed and calibrated through an approved Program Partner.

  1. What is a pump calibration?

In order to receive a $250 instant rebate for a variable speed pump, each pump must be properly calibrated to ensure that you are maximizing the energy savings associated with your new pump.  The process takes into account your specific pool attributes like heater, filtration and cleaning system and the technician programs the variable speed pump to the correct speeds, times and durations to maintain water quality while maximizing energy cost savings. The technician will be responsible for submitting a calibration report on your behalf and will require your signature once the pump is installed and the calibration is complete.