Senior Energy Assistance Expo

If you are age 62 or older and need help paying a past-due electric bill, the Senior Energy Assistance Expo may be able to offer the resources you need.

Where: Cashman Center, Hall A & B
850 Las Vegas Blvd North,
Las Vegas, NV 89101

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  • When: Saturday, August 5, 2017
    From: 8 a.m. to noon

To receive Project REACH energy assistance, you must be:

  • Age 62 or older without having received energy assistance during the prior 12-month period
  • Permanent residential customer of NV Energy
  • The electric bill must be in the name and service address of the applicant requesting energy assistance
  • Have a past due bill on an active account
  • Meet the following income guidelines:
Household Size Maximum Annual
Gross Income
1-2 $ 24,360
3 $ 30,630
4 $ 36,900
5 $ 43,170
6 $ 49,440
7 $ 55,710
8 $ 61,980
Each Additional $ 6,270

Bring the Following Documents:

  • NV driver license or NV State ID.
  • Your past due NV Energy electric bill in need of payment. (The address on the ID must match the address on the electric bill)
  • Proof of income or pending income. "Cash Only" applicants must provide one of the following:
    • Letter from the employer on company letterhead.
    • Current bank statement showing recent deposit activity.
    • Current income tax records.
  • Your free parking coupon:

Important Conditions

If you have an unpaid balance after receiving energy assistance at this event, you must make a payment arrangement on the unpaid balance.

The energy assistance awarded at this event cannot be used to pay a closed or transferred account, deposits, returned check fees or charges. The energy assistance funds cannot be used to pay for meter damage charges, fraudulent usage fees, final bills or to restore service if it has been terminated due to nonpayment or because of a default in payment arrangements.